First Take debates the team to beat in the AFC East

15 Tet 2020
85 377 Shikime

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody debate the team to beat in AFC East.
#FirstTake #NFL
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  • “these patriots are a HELLUVA 2-2 team” *gets stomped by a terrible broncos squad who kicked 6 field goals*

    Austin SkaggsAustin Skaggs7 ditë më parë
  • Dolphins don’t get any credit even though they blew out the niners and if they had Byron Jones would’ve beat the seahawks and bills. Dolphins win those games and they are looking at 4-1 and on top of the afc east but nobody wants to see that I guess.

    Nikolas GarciaNikolas Garcia7 ditë më parë
  • Wow 6% dolphins won and bills and Patriots lose whats the percentage now to win the division

    Ronnie NRonnie N7 ditë më parë
  • Does anyone understand that we were missing our 2 best defensive players?

    Blazed KayakBlazed Kayak9 ditë më parë
  • Pats bills and dolphins have three bye weeks

    Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • Did he just say cam is better than josh allen😭🥴🧐

    DopeSavageDopeSavage9 ditë më parë
  • I’m not gonna say the bills until they beat the patriots twice

    New England PatriotsNew England Patriots10 ditë më parë
  • When the bills are at full strength in d they are good, raiders and even jets, actually just the raiders

    Lori AbramowitzLori Abramowitz10 ditë më parë
  • max everything you said about the pats in the last 5 months ill give you all the respect in the world thank you

    BlitzUchihaBlitzUchiha11 ditë më parë
  • Coming from a Pats fan, the team to beat is the Bills.

    Eddie MayEddie May11 ditë më parë
    • Still u guys until we beat u

      Lori AbramowitzLori Abramowitz10 ditë më parë
  • Excuse me woody Josh Allen is a better dual threat then cam with better weapons stfu

    Ray AndrewRay Andrew11 ditë më parë
  • stephen a obviously didnt watch the game😂 8 drops, 3 from the same person. behind you or not, if it hits ur hands you better catch it.

    Louis DouieLouis Douie11 ditë më parë
  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    Ruan MooreRuan Moore11 ditë më parë
  • Man SAS always remember the Tito Trinidad fight lol... Have anybody checked that out? Lol

    Blade MoneyBlade Money11 ditë më parë
  • The bills are overated

    Giffond HallGiffond Hall11 ditë më parë
    • So are the pats

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • The fact this even a question..the patriots winning this division TF

    Dexter GreenDexter Green11 ditë më parë
  • Patriots vs Packers Super bowl bound.

    mrpzpdxmrpzpdx11 ditë më parë
  • Miami on the rise you heard me.

    G LG L11 ditë më parë
  • The team to always beat is the Pats.

    CookingSingleCookingSingle11 ditë më parë
  • Cam will get the pats that afc east title this year

    Reginald WilliamsReginald Williams11 ditë më parë
  • Patriots are 4-0 if cam runs to the outside against seahawks for the final play and they beat chiefs if cam plays.

    ImikoImiko11 ditë më parë
    • @Fernando fernando the hole NFL cheat or cheated so

      Drew420Drew4209 ditë më parë
    • @Fernando fernando for real

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • If this, if that, The Cheatriots are illusional

      Fernando fernandoFernando fernando9 ditë më parë

    SmokeSmittySmokeSmitty11 ditë më parë
  • Fitzmagic and the Dolphins should be 3-3 after this weekend and they have a much easier schedule than the Pats and Bills so don't write them off :)

    Fran OhmsfordFran Ohmsford11 ditë më parë
    • Thank You

      keith morankeith moran10 ditë më parë
  • As a Bills fan who was in Nashville for that game, I have to say that Josh Allen looked like the quaterback from last season, rather than the MVP candidate he's looked like this year. However, it was a really short week and the Bills were notified about the game really late. I still believe that the Bills will win the AFC East, and that they, out of all the AFC playoff teams, have the best chance to give the Chiefs a challenge. However, things have to turn around in a big way for that to happen, because if they play this way on Monday, I don't know what will happen for the rest of the season. I still have faith, though. Let's go Buffalo!!!

    Nathanael McGhieNathanael McGhie11 ditë më parë
  • I feel like the Patriots are a bad matchup for the Bills and could make Allen see ghosts. I wouldnt be shocked at all if the Pats sweep the Bills. Plus Bills D is trash this year healthy or not. Bills are waay to reliant on Allen. Allen regresses a little bit, the team tanks. I have Allen on my fantasy team, and im a Pats fan, so not at all trying to throw shade, but I just see the Pats as the bigger threat.

    NSavvyNSavvy11 ditë më parë
  • Max saying something good bout New England🤨🤨 2020 wilding

    Chad HChad H11 ditë më parë
  • Bills haven't beaten good this year or even last year

    golden~boygolden~boy12 ditë më parë
  • Worst division for 20 years aside from Sanchez.

    phoolishbwoyphoolishbwoy12 ditë më parë
  • Pats can still win the division but it won’t be easy at all

    Austin CruzAustin Cruz12 ditë më parë
    • It’s all about the U

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • Bills were ALREADY beat up before the loss lol, no one is really bringing up that the Bills had 3 CBs and 2 LBs out and their starting inside LB playing hurt? Offense was amazing on 3rd down and had some unlucky TOs, I think they will be fine... Also Max talking about Bills D and its been mediocre even bad this whole year, I feel like he hasn't watched a single Bills game this year besides some highlights. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the Pats will win the division imo...

    danglezdanglez12 ditë më parë
  • Everyone knows it's obviously the Jets

    Kevin KozerskiKevin Kozerski12 ditë më parë
  • Smh the bills had 8 defensive players that were hurt and didn't practice. Milano which is the most important LB was out all together. Tra'davous white which is the star secondary to hyde is also out. Yeah, they will get killed. The defense is a concern for the majority of the season and I kept saying that. They are okay guys that hurt. Edmunds hasn't been 100% since the second game of the season.

    biym6969biym696912 ditë më parë
    • @rambo first blood y'all is to many people. I'm not one of those "y'all" people. I been saying the defense is a concern bc of injures. Excuses? I would like to have the titans be without their captain on defense. Along with other big name players that are out defensively. 11 players are a lot too over come bro

      biym6969biym696911 ditë më parë
    • @biym6969 success?? yall barely beat the teams yall won against... why all of a sudden this matters now?? yall was talking all week about how this was an easy win... now its just a bunch of excuses.

      rambo first bloodrambo first blood11 ditë më parë
    • @rambo first blood first off covid was 8 people 5 were staffers/ coaches and 3 players not significant as Matt Milano or tra'davious white. Also, I said bills players played hurt. Meaning, they were unable to do things on the field better than if they were 100%. Milano is our captain of the defense. He placed everyone in there positions. Beasley, moss and brown offensively was also playing hurt. Moss and brown didn't play. That's 11 bills players that are extremely SIGNIFICANT to the bills success

      biym6969biym696911 ditë më parë
    • titans also had 6 key players out... tf

      rambo first bloodrambo first blood11 ditë më parë
  • Damien Woody's eyes are social distancing

    uncle joey cocksuckauncle joey cocksucka12 ditë më parë
    • bruuuh youre wrong for that lmao 😂😂

      lucas kipferlucas kipfer11 ditë më parë
  • 12 straight.

    John MastersonJohn Masterson12 ditë më parë
  • No love for my dolphins smh

    Primetime SportsPrimetime Sports12 ditë më parë
    • Phins up

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • Josh Norman got super violated

    speednotz1speednotz112 ditë më parë
  • Can anybody pick the all no ring team in the NBA? Starting five.

    Larry DebrewLarry Debrew12 ditë më parë
    • Charles Barkley Patrick Ewing Tracy Mc Grady Karl Malone John Stockton.

      keith morankeith moran10 ditë më parë
  • Cam is not better than Josh Allen this year. Stop it.

    Cliff LodrigussCliff Lodriguss12 ditë më parë
  • Would they take the pats if cam wasn't playing..

    Ro229TimeRo229Time12 ditë më parë
    • Would they take the ravens if Lamar wasn’t playing

      Steven P.Steven P.10 ditë më parë
    • Obviously not, Cam is playing tho

      Steven P.Steven P.10 ditë më parë
  • Bill Belichick aint all that without Cam Newton and Tom brady

    Ro229TimeRo229Time12 ditë më parë
    • This might be the dumbest comment I’ve seen ever! Bill doesn’t play the games buddy!

      aanyankeesaanyankees12 ditë më parë
  • In coach Belichick I trust for my Pats. Y'all need to realize he's got more years of coaching left than our beloved TB12 has of playing.

    Urassnface 1Urassnface 112 ditë më parë
  • Has Molly Wop just learnt the word wrinkle

    PatriotPatriot12 ditë më parë
  • Josh Norman ain't been the same since he GOT PAID. I'm a football fan first and a 9er fan and heart. The bills will be fine.

    kbayjkbayj12 ditë më parë
  • Patriots get another bone throwb their way with the Bills having to play the Chiefs but BUF is at home!! And the Patriots should beat DEN, but for the Patriots to win the AFC East this year their gna have to win BOTH of their head to head games vs the Bills, and they gta root for and hope the Chiefs defeat BUF and drop them to 4-2 and NE get a W vs DEN and the Patriots will be 3-2 and right behind BUF for 1st place with still having to play each other twice

    Anthony PenaAnthony Pena12 ditë më parë
  • The Bills still going to win the division

    King GeminiKing Gemini12 ditë më parë
  • Jets???????

    Adam GeraceAdam Gerace12 ditë më parë
    • Suck

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • Everybody’s logic in the comments: The only good teams in the nfl are the Pats, Seahawks, Steelers, titans, and Chiefs, and that’s it.

    Blaze TinoBlaze Tino12 ditë më parë
    • @Evan Settipane Yup. Panthers, Fins have also been also surprising these last few games. Right now I see Seattle and NE making deep playoff runs.

      Kaizaro123Kaizaro12310 ditë më parë
    • Raiders

      Evan SettipaneEvan Settipane12 ditë më parë
  • At 2:20 Molly looked very upset when SAS interrupted. Molly u interrupt all the time, ur the moderator nobody cares for what u have to say

    Planet IdiocyPlanet Idiocy12 ditë më parë
  • Bills mafia here and not worried. We didn’t have our 2 starting cornerbacks or are linebacker. And John brown who is our deep threat. We played horrible and would have liked to see our offense play a little better. But looking forward to getting healthy and the chiefs

    ZERO ZONEZERO ZONE12 ditë më parë
    • @Clxxtch SG bet,

      Lori AbramowitzLori Abramowitz10 ditë më parë
    • Titans barely had practice and missed many starters 😭 nooo bills will choke

      Clxxtch SGClxxtch SG12 ditë më parë
  • haha jets 0%

    Logan VLogan V12 ditë më parë
  • The bills Along with the dolphins and the Jets have been the doormat of the AFC East for years never had a first thought about it I’ve always pick the patriots to win the division until the bills prove otherwise or any other team

    fly guyfly guy12 ditë më parë
  • 103th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du12 ditë më parë
  • Damien Woody with the IG filters

    MN509MN50912 ditë më parë
  • Learn ftball Max an Stephen A wow. Jus acting like Cam is top 10 QB hes not even top 20 QB anymore barely beat MIA if Fitpatrick didny throw 3 ints. Clearly BUF wins division by at least 2 to 4 games no doubt Josh Allen is much better than Cam difference is Cam has ten times better D than Bills. Imagine Dak on Pats which h3 could be or on CHI or 49ers which he most likely will be on 1 of those 3 teams he would easily win a title n next 3 yrs no doubt but hes got worst defense n nfl history giving up 36 pts a game an wins game 1 if refs dont cheat DAL with awful flop by Ramsey on off pass int. Max u do get Cam had 1 great other than that hes been round 20th best QB do u hear any1 saying Matt Ryan is top 10 QB cuz he won a MVP if u take out a QBs best yr an then average out rest of their years thats who that QB really is.any1 with a mind would take Dak or 15 QBs over Cam geez these guys might be dumbest ppl on tv about ftball. What a joke Lets c if Cam can even play whole yr he reminds me of Sam Bradford aint been no better than top 15 QB almost all of his yrs except 1 yr. Id be embarrsed to say something so stupid on TV thats lik saying Wentz Goff an Jimmy G are better than Dak cuz 2 guys got to a super bowl then i guess trent dilfer is better than Marino in these guys eyes cuz 1 won a title. QBs lik Mayfield, Goff, Jimmy G, must have excellent run teams so their play action can work but if u ask those QBs to drop back an pass more than 25 times they look lik busts which is why goff looked lik bust with Fisher. U know a QB is great when he can win managing game an have 2nd most wins 1st 4 yrs lik Dak an then past yr an half once Defense has been worst n history he proves he can drop back an throw bqll with zero play action cuz zeke is been no where near top 3 or 4 rb n nfl yet Dak has set records an on pace for 1000 more yrds than Manning had sure if they had better D he wouldnt throw for that many yrds hut still he still woulda broke record with or w/o good defense but when he actually has a average D an run game he gets wins as much as wilson an Brady an is clear top 7 QB which is why 49ers Pats an CHI are rumored to want Dak next yr bet it soon i predicted Brady to TAmpa Bay. An wom 6 grand +3000 odds was 8th or 9th best odds trust me ESPN has somr of dumbest liberal ppl n sports which is why their ratings like NBA ratings are going n tank n 10 yrs ESPN prolly will be 4th most popular sports tv station

    matt taylormatt taylor12 ditë më parë
  • i think it's the pats still, buffalo looked like a team that's STILL not ready to SERIOUSLY contend in the afc

    Jared ThomasJared Thomas12 ditë më parë
  • I’m going say the bills. the pats bills in the AFC east have really hard schedules this year so I think the bills had one lost wouldn’t really make a difference that’s just to me in Titans had like 3weeks off talk about fresh body’s moving around everywhere is to easy

    Akeem HarrisAkeem Harris12 ditë më parë
  • Fitzmagic taking that division boiii

    BearNips !BearNips !12 ditë më parë
  • Bills receiving core is too small!!!!!! They need a big outside target!!

    JeremiahJeremiah12 ditë më parë
    • @Salaar Faiz lol

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • Stephon Diggs?!?!

      Salaar FaizSalaar Faiz11 ditë më parë
  • To the ad about being in the house bored: Go get a job! Go to school!

    Scott NobleScott Noble12 ditë më parë
  • the jets are the team to beat in the AFC East

    Nengeh TardzerNengeh Tardzer12 ditë më parë
    • Give me what u smoking

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • They Just Had A All Around Horrible Game, Sure Most Of It Was Tennessee’s Success Causing They Failure, But I Think They Just Had A Bad Night

    Che GottiChe Gotti12 ditë më parë
  • The bills are better than the pats this year that’s a fact

    Joshua HodgeJoshua Hodge12 ditë më parë
    • @Joshua Hodge I wouldn't so not close. With Cam coming back I say we win the division but we be a wild card team again. I have faith in Cam and Bill. Plus don't forget our defense always start playing better around week 6 or 7

      Drew420Drew42012 ditë më parë
    • @William Paine I’m literally a pats fan, and even I can see that then bills are better than the Patriots. It’s not even that close

      Joshua HodgeJoshua Hodge12 ditë më parë
    • Dude the games the bills won have been close and lucky or been horrific teams. They finally play a decent team and get absolutely dominated. Don’t overhype this team.

      William PaineWilliam Paine12 ditë më parë
  • Until Bill hangs them up Patriots will always be favorites to win the AFC East. And let's be real if we had Cam Patriots would of beat KC. NE would be 3-1 right now

    Drew420Drew42012 ditë më parë
    • @Mami Dani yeap and when we win our division again come talk to me than

      Drew420Drew4208 ditë më parë
    • @Drew420 😂yea ok buddy maybe the jets but Pat's trash doodoo dumsterass

      Mami DaniMami Dani8 ditë më parë
    • @Mami Dani like I said I'm not worried about the division we will still win it when we beat the dolphins one more time and buffalo twice a d Jets twicr

      Drew420Drew4208 ditë më parë
    • @Drew420 gotta get wins buddy Pat's going 5-11 this year

      Mami DaniMami Dani8 ditë më parë
    • @Mami Dani yeap wasn't a great game. But I'm not worried we still will win Our division

      Drew420Drew4208 ditë më parë
  • Remember that season Trent Edwards was a "MVP candidate" thru the first 5 games of the season? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Paul MannPaul Mann12 ditë më parë
    • @Float _ awww look who felt left out 🤣

      Paul MannPaul Mann8 ditë më parë
    • Remember when the Broncos with a roster half way on IR beat the Patriots 18-12? Remember when you doubted us?

      Float _Float _8 ditë më parë
    • Remember when the pats lost in the wild card to the Titans🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
  • Low key it might be the dolphins

    YRG MarkerYRG Marker12 ditë më parë
  • How is 1 bad game for the Bills gonna change how they played the first 4 games? Teams lose! This is ridiculous

    Csock13Csock1312 ditë më parë
    • @TheGoat 80 td was good, i did say he makes great throws, just wanna see more of those and less of the misses and off target ones

      Jahved ColeJahved Cole7 ditë më parë
    • @Jahved Cole that TD was good tho

      TheGoat 80TheGoat 808 ditë më parë
    • @Jahved Cole in a rainy game yea there’s gonna be some errant passes I’m not expecting perfection from him

      TheGoat 80TheGoat 808 ditë më parë
    • @TheGoat 80 thats some accuracy 🥴

      Jahved ColeJahved Cole8 ditë më parë
    • @Jahved Cole he has a 69.3% completion percentage I don’t understand how you can say he’s still inaccurate and his receivers also lead the league in drops so it should be even better it makes no sense to me why you keep saying he’s inaccurate yes he was in the past two seasons but now it’s not even a question that he is accurate

      TheGoat 80TheGoat 809 ditë më parë
  • I never thought the Bills were gonna win it in the first place

    Jonathan James-PattersonJonathan James-Patterson12 ditë më parë
    • @andy odvor bills choke every time they in a good position

      Max SteeleMax Steele12 ditë më parë
    • What lol stop

      andy odvorandy odvor12 ditë më parë
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Jen CampbellJen Campbell12 ditë më parë
  • They stay hating on the bills🤦🏽‍♂️

    James DagoatJames Dagoat12 ditë më parë
    • So?

      Giffond HallGiffond Hall11 ditë më parë
    • How so? They're showing them nothing but respect...

      Blaine GBlaine G12 ditë më parë

    S scopeS scope12 ditë më parë
  • Everybody acts like the bills didn’t have they star corner. They are on the road on a Tuesday night It’s one game. I feel like in this instance the bills are fine

    Daws10 1Daws10 112 ditë më parë
    • Bruh no excuse the dolphins were missing their CB1 and still lost by one possession they have Byron Jones and the dolphins win that game no 🧢

      Nikolas GarciaNikolas Garcia7 ditë më parë
    • @biym6969 STATEMENT GAME. The Chiefs were in control all game.

      Real Is RealReal Is Real8 ditë më parë
    • @Jahved Cole u right Ik I’m just saying the AJ Brown fya wouldn’t have been that high, but we lost I gotta deal with that one well see the Cheifs Monday

      Jayden RiveraJayden Rivera11 ditë më parë
    • Bills got whooped!!! Same Bills nothing new.

      Alex GarciaAlex Garcia11 ditë më parë
    • @Jayden Rivera yeah he did go off but idk if one player will make that much of a difference when the score wasn’t really close. browns totals would be lower but i still think tennessee wins. i also don’t like the fact that that guy was blaming the loss on you not having your starting corners when tennessee was missing around 12 starters

      Jahved ColeJahved Cole11 ditë më parë
  • I have the dolphins winning the division in the owners don’t cheat them! Or patriots! Bills and jets will do what the this generation of bills and jets do!

    Young ManYoung Man12 ditë më parë
    • Hahahaha. Yea okay

      Masood PathanMasood Pathan11 ditë më parë
  • Anyone else notice how much Stephen A has been bring up that Trinidad boxing match?

    Jonny LopezJonny Lopez12 ditë më parë
  • Pats winning Super bowl

    StreetMoney KelStreetMoney Kel12 ditë më parë
    • Your on crack lol

      king lordking lord12 ditë më parë
  • The Bills are still the best team in the AFC East. They’ll win the division either 11-5 or 10-6.

    NBAFastbreak15NBAFastbreak1512 ditë më parë
    • @pru put Pats far better? They couldn’t even beat Drew Lock and banged up Broncos at home lol

      NBAFastbreak15NBAFastbreak158 ditë më parë
    • November 1st....that's if the Bills don't choke away b4 they always do.

      Paul MannPaul Mann12 ditë më parë
    • Nah the pats are far better

      pru putpru put12 ditë më parë
  • Cam wasn't the best player when he won MVP. He had a top defense and was 15-1 so they had to give it to him. His stats weren't MVP that year.

    zooie zzooie z12 ditë më parë
    • @Kayza and 10 isn’t even the record 14 is...I think Lamar will be the guy to break it but if not that record is gonna stand for a long time.

      Lil WoooLil Wooo12 ditë më parë
    • @Lil Wooo yeah he forgetting cam has the most rushing touchdowns in nfl history for a quarterback

      KayzaKayza12 ditë më parë
    • @zooie z Cam 2015 : 60% 3837yrds 7.8 yards per pass 35tds 10ints 99QBR 636 rushing yards 10 rushing tds on 4.8ypc Russell Wilson 2015 : 68% 4024yrds 8.3 per pass 34tds 8ints 110QBR 554 rushing yards 5.3 per carry 1td Matt Ryan 2015 : 66% 4591yrds 7.5 per pass 21tds 16ints 89QBR 63 rushing yards 1.8ypc 0tds Tom Brady 2015 : 64% 4770yrds 7.6 per pass 36tds 7ints 102.2QBR 53 rushing yards 1.6ypc 3tds The only guy arguable is Russ but he had less total TDs, Wins...the only thing he had on Cam was Com% and total yards.

      Lil WoooLil Wooo12 ditë më parë
    • @Lil Wooo well Cam was under 4000 yds and 59% completion. Brady 4700 and 64% Wilson 4000 and 68% Ryan 4500 and 66%

      zooie zzooie z12 ditë më parë
    • @zooie z are you gonna put the stats out or just say that bc I can say Cam had better stats but what does that prove? Cam won MVP so if they had better stats prove it. Compare the stats and show me why they should have won.

      Lil WoooLil Wooo12 ditë më parë
  • Bills are still the team to beat in AFC East this season

    Steve LambertSteve Lambert12 ditë më parë
  • 🐬🏈🔥🔥 Fook the C H E A T R I O T S

    NinjaSquirrel30NinjaSquirrel3012 ditë më parë
  • It's just one game

    Nathaniel julianNathaniel julian12 ditë më parë
  • Cory ReevesCory Reeves12 ditë më parë
  • I just think the Bill’s got caught slipping. They’ll still win the division if the pats don’t have a long winning rally

    matthew hallmatthew hall12 ditë më parë
    • Bills overrated

      Primetime SportsPrimetime Sports9 ditë më parë
    • @Real Is Real iuuugg

      Justin PittmanJustin Pittman9 ditë më parë
    • Getting blown out isn’t caught slipping lmao

      Envee _Envee _10 ditë më parë
    • The Bills defense is not as it was last season.

      Real Is RealReal Is Real11 ditë më parë
    • @Real Is Real Rams had a chance to win and didn’t. Bills almost gave it away but won

      Andrew HigaredaAndrew Higareda11 ditë më parë
  • What about the Dolphins?

    B MillerB Miller12 ditë më parë
    • @Brenton Marvelle stfu

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • @Brenton Marvelle you shut up

      B MillerB Miller12 ditë më parë
    • Shut up man

      Brenton MarvelleBrenton Marvelle12 ditë më parë
  • I’m not sold on the Patriots. They have no weapons.

    Matthew HitchcockMatthew Hitchcock12 ditë më parë
    • With no weapons the pats kept it close with Seattle and kc . Untill someone actually beats them in the afc east they aren’t losing 🤷🏾‍♂️

      Jaden McGarrahJaden McGarrah12 ditë më parë
    • True, but just gotta wait and see!

      Buzzer2BuzzerBuzzer2Buzzer12 ditë më parë

    U HATE US CUZ U AINT US! 6* RINGS!!!* *U HATE US CUZ U AINT US! 6* RINGS!!!* *12 ditë më parë
    • @Class of 2020 I meant the pats organization since spy gate

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • @Joshua Rivera Spygate? Yes. Deflategate? No

      Class of 2020Class of 20209 ditë më parë
    • @Joshua Rivera no he didn’t

      Class of 2020Class of 20209 ditë më parë
    • @Class of 2020 he cheated at least three times

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • @Are Jay oh and the rest of the NFL does

      Class of 2020Class of 202010 ditë më parë
  • Watch out for the Dolphins. GO Fins 🐬🐬

    EmillioburgosEmillioburgos12 ditë më parë
    • @Drxppy 4L J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK

      Joshua RiveraJoshua Rivera9 ditë më parë
    • Let’s stop my Patriots winning this easily😂💯❗️❗️

      Drxppy 4LDrxppy 4L12 ditë më parë
    • And the jets🤫🤫😂😂🤣💯❗️

      Drxppy 4LDrxppy 4L12 ditë më parë
  • Has it been 14 days for Cam 🤔 iono seem like somebody not following CFC guidelines 🤫

    ..............12 ditë më parë
    • NFL doesn't care about their players like the NBA

      Justus SomesJustus Somes12 ditë më parë
    • @Cristian Mojica lmao I keep forgetting football rules different from the rest of the world

      ..............12 ditë më parë
    • Lmao shut up kid in the nfl is only 10 days

      Cristian MojicaCristian Mojica12 ditë më parë
  • Stalin starved 8 million Ukrainians in the name of socialism

    Cryptum404Cryptum40412 ditë më parë
  • Only the Jets could have a 0% chance

    Mitchell AjierohMitchell Ajieroh12 ditë më parë
    • Lol for real! Hey man, we are a group of high school students who run our own sports talk show @Buzzer2Buzzer, would really appreciate if you could check us out!

      Buzzer2BuzzerBuzzer2Buzzer12 ditë më parë
  • Patriots are going to win AFC East.

    MinePlay 512MinePlay 51212 ditë më parë
    • Could definitely see them going there. Hey man, we are a group of high school students who run our own sports talk show @Buzzer2Buzzer, would really appreciate if you could check us out!

      Buzzer2BuzzerBuzzer2Buzzer12 ditë më parë
  • When all four of these personalities agree with each other, can you still call this a debate?

    Apophis392Apophis39212 ditë më parë
    • They need more of this because honestly disagreeing about some of there takes is blasphemy sometimes

      Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson11 ditë më parë
    • I would say yes, in a debate you can agree on some topics and move on to the next one

      ZOMBiEZOMBiE12 ditë më parë
    • @Apophis392 Oh I thought your question was rhetorical. In that case to answer your question imo of course it's not a debate anymore uf everyone agrees but I also don't want them to argue just for the sake of the argument

      YarivaYariva12 ditë më parë
    • @Yariva how can you agree with me, when my my comment was a question?

      Apophis392Apophis39212 ditë më parë
    • I agree with you on this topic since there is no definite correct answer to give but would you also say that if the debate has a clear correct answer?

      YarivaYariva12 ditë më parë
  • First glance at the thumbnail I thought that was Trippie Red

    TracyGotNewsTracyGotNews12 ditë më parë
    • @TonyWaka 29 yeah 😂😂 y’all know who though

      TracyGotNewsTracyGotNews12 ditë më parë
    • Spelled his name wrong btw Trippie Redd is correct

      TonyWaka 29TonyWaka 2912 ditë më parë
  • Lets just hope that the Week 16 Monday Night game, Bills @ Pats will decide the winner of the AFC East Division Winner.

    Scruff D0gScruff D0g12 ditë më parë
  • Phins about to go on a run

    Tony MiamiTony Miami12 ditë më parë
    • @Luke Brown dude be realistic yall are not going on a run your rebuilding for the future and it right now.

      fly guyfly guy12 ditë më parë
    • @fly guy just look at our schedule and you'll understand lol

      Luke BrownLuke Brown12 ditë më parë
    • @Richforever ! Dolphins could easily go 5-2 in their next 7 games

      Tony MiamiTony Miami12 ditë më parë

      Richforever !Richforever !12 ditë më parë
    • What are you smoking?

      fly guyfly guy12 ditë më parë
  • nfl don't want cam to succeed with the patriots! they could have postponed that game? all teams with covid got postponed except the pats! there you go.

    luki whiteboy doncicluki whiteboy doncic12 ditë më parë
    • @luki whiteboy doncic wow I just got called a moron I'm hurt

      BambwinoBambwino12 ditë më parë
    • @Bambwino not ^pats, cam you dummy, he happen to play for pats. more of a player guy than team! get that? pats team is cam. moron

      luki whiteboy doncicluki whiteboy doncic12 ditë më parë
    • Wow that is a salty pats fan if I've ever seen one

      BambwinoBambwino12 ditë më parë
  • Lol Jets at a straight 0% 😂

    Heidi LopezHeidi Lopez12 ditë më parë
    • @Jahved Cole yes, and draft another linemen to finish the rebuild faster!

      Prestige ShogunPrestige Shogun12 ditë më parë
    • @Xcite 1120 hopefully 0 wins, lock up the number 1 pick

      Jahved ColeJahved Cole12 ditë më parë
    • The Gase effect

      Edwin C.Edwin C.12 ditë më parë
    • @Ryan Irwin- Diehl see u say tht but I don’t think tht we’re going 0-16, We could definetly don’t get me wrong, but I think we get 2 wins hopefully

      Xcite 1120Xcite 112012 ditë më parë
    • Legit one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen

      Ryan Irwin- DiehlRyan Irwin- Diehl12 ditë më parë
  • Make sure ya sub to me!!

    ANEANE12 ditë më parë
  • Bills are taking it

    Clay NavaClay Nava12 ditë më parë
    • 🧢

      Da Cod BoyDa Cod Boy10 ditë më parë
  • No cap, I got the Seahawks winning the AFC East.

    JuccJucc12 ditë më parë
    • @Vizzy I dont think you understand...... its very funny cuz that team isnt in that division.... its genius i know thank you

      JuccJucc12 ditë më parë
    • @Vizzy thank you it very long to come up wit 🙏

      JuccJucc12 ditë më parë
    • So funny 😐

      VizzyVizzy12 ditë më parë
  • We all know who SAS picked... He picked the BLACK QB...As if Cam has done anything in 5 yrs....I still haven't seen a story on how Carolina made the right choice moving on from Cam.... THIS IS WOKE TAKE

    • We shall see who is the CLOWNS..

    • Clown

      Hector AlanizHector Alaniz12 ditë më parë
    • And we will see... When Cam finally does something instead of crying that he was screwed by Panthers when he lied to them 1st then he deserves credit... And SAS ALWAYS thinks a black deserves a job over a white

    • No one is trolling... I'm not the one crying racist and rioting to get attention... That would be all the losers out there... And its not working... The boycott of NBA really showed how much AMERICA cares about what BLM losers think...

    • I mean there’s also Belichick as a factor is by far the best coach/gm in the division......

      Mitchell AjierohMitchell Ajieroh12 ditë më parë
  • Ummm jets🤷🏽‍♂️

    HNIC 4realHNIC 4real12 ditë më parë
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Jaden McGarrahJaden McGarrah12 ditë më parë
    • 0% lol

      B HB H12 ditë më parë